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Gower Sunset Tour

Enjoying the sunset in Rhossili whilst looking out over The Worms Head and Rhossili Bay has to be experienced to be believed.  Rumour has it that Rhossili Bay's sunset, overlooking the Worms Head, is amongst the top 10 most photographed in the world.  We believe it is amongst the top 10 most beautiful sunsets in the world too!

This magical sunset, looking over The Worms Head, is an experience that will stay with you forever.

Our tour begins with an evening pick up at Swansea train/bus station at 5:30pm.  We begin our journey travelling down Oystermouth Road alongside the vast stretch of Golden Sands that is Swansea Bay.  As we head into Mumbles, 'The Gateway to Gower', we follow the coastal road past the Newly Refurbished Mumbles Lifeboat Station and Mumbles Lighthouse.

We continue our journey around the beautiful bays of Bracelet, Caswell and Langland before we head through scenic country lanes and into the quiet village of Bishopston.

20 mins further into our journey and we find ourselves in the village of Parkmill, home of the Gower Heritage Centre and the Ancient Burial Chamber, and approaching our first stop with views over Three Cliffs Bay.  This cluster of three 'volcano like' cliffs created by nature itself are one of the 7 Wonders of Gower.  Here we will stop for a 15 min photograph opportunity.

From here a 20 min journey awaits us to the summit of Cefn Bryn Common, the home of King Arthur Stone.  A 45 min walk here gives you the opportunity to view the Gower landscape in it's entirety.  A spectacular 360 degree viewing point provides you with a perfect opportunity to capture those once in a lifetime images stretching from the surrounding Gower Landscape over to Carmarthen and Pembroke in the distance.  And of course, there's King Arthur Stone.  Steeped in fables and tales of times long ago, this mystical landmark fills your imagination with excitement and wonder of the possibilities behind the legend.

Onto the highlight of the Sunset Tour....Rhossili Bay and Worms Head.

"# 1 of 108 things to do in the area.....# 9 Best Beach in the World!".....Trip Advisor.

A 2 hour stop in one of the most beautiful places in the world allows you to enjoy and soak in the atmosphere of this stunning surrounding before the sunsets over Rhossili Bay and The Worms Head.

Take a cliff top walk, enjoy refreshments in the Worms Head Hotel or Bay Bistro, or simply sit back and let yourself be cast back into a magical moment in time, whilst in anticipation for the main event. the soft orange sun hides itself behind the Worms Head and adjacent horizon, we will provide you with a Luxury Gower Tours Picnic.  Pick out a spot on the landscape, lay out a large soft picnic blanket, and sit back and relax with your picnic provided by Gower Tours to ensure you experience this first class event with a first class service.

Our return journey sees us with arrival back in Swansea for 10:30pm.

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