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Gower Castle & Historical Tour

This medieval adventure begins with A picturesque journey alongside Swansea bay, drawing us nearer to our first destination, and as we enter into the Gateway to Gower and the village of mumbles, already you can sense that something mystical is around the corner. As we pass through the village and turn towards Oystermouth, there it stands, in all its grandeur, Oystermouth Castle.  Gower's largest and most prominent castle proudly sits on top of Oystermouth hill inviting you to enter at your peril. Oystermouth castle The first castle founded by William de Londres of Ogmore Castle soon after 1106 following the capture of Gower by the Normans.  Here we will spend an hour to allow you to explore all that this extraordinary castle has to offer.  You can almost feel yourself being transported back in time as you roam through the history and ominous ambiance that lingers throughout.

Adult - £3.50 Family - £9.50* Senior citizens, students and children under 16 - £2.50 PTL - £1.50 Disabled and companion - Am ddim/Free *Admits 2 adults and up to 3 children under 16.  All children under 5 receive free entry.

We return to our chariot and head along the south coastal road of the peninsular until we reach the beautiful village of Pennard.  Here we will accompany you on a 60min guided walk, across Pennard Golf Course, until we reach Pennard Castle.  The castle was built in the early 12th century as a timber ringwork following the Norman invasion of Wales. The walls were rebuilt in stone by the Braose family at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries, including a stone gatehouse.

On our return we will stop off where you can enjoy a cake and a cuppa in Three Cliffs Coffee Shop renowned throughout Gower for  its exceptional homemade cakes!

Our next stop on this historical tour takes us to a neolithic burial chamber in Parc le Breos. Workmen digging for road stone in 1869 uncovered an early Neolithic cromlech built around 5850 BP.  An excavation later that year revealed human bones (now known then to have belonged to at least 40 people).  A 45 mins stop here allows us to explore Parc Le Broes and all it's historical finds!

Another short journey on the Gower Tours transport takes us past a 16th centuary church, the remains of Oxwich Towers, (the entrance to the penrice estate), and onwards to Oxwich village, the home of Oxwich bay and Oxwich Bay Hotel. As we climb the steep incline on the derelict road to Slade we arrive at our next stop of Oxwich Castle. This is a Grade I listed castle which occupies a position on a wooded headland overlooking Oxwich Bay on the Peninsula. Although it may occupy the site of an earlier fortification, it is a castle in name only as it is a grand Tudor fortified manor house built in courtyard style.  our 1 hour stop allows us to escape from our every day lives an attempt to imaging what it would have felt like 500 years ago being in the presence of this great building.

Adult - £3.50 Family - £9.50* Senior citizens, students and children under 16 - £2.50 Disabled and companion - Am ddim/Free *Admits 2 adults and up to 3 children under 16.  All children under 5 receive free entr

A scenic route around the rear side of Penrice estate also known to the locals as 'penny hitch' delivers us out onto Cefn Bryn Common where Long awaits King Arthur Stone. As we leave the van behind and head out on a 45 Min walk to one of Gower's 7 wonders, stories of the legend that was, almost seem to echo in the air as an ominous and eerie feeling seems to take over your soul.   For those of you that don't wish to walk out to King Arthur Stone, just sit back relax and take in the sights of the panoramic views and surrounding scenery.

This area provides a 360 viewpoint for the most memorable and spectacular panoramic photos.

Just when you thought this tour could not get any better, we head off to Weobley Castle. Weobley Castle.  This 14th Century Castle, (thought to have been fortified before 1304), is a magnificent example of a building.  Having been attacked by Owain Glyndwr towards the end of the 15th Century, Weobley Castle stood tall & proud, leaving this wondrous sight still here today.  Here we will be offered refreshments from local farmer and manager of the castle Mr. PRITCHARD as we stand in awe of these beautiful fortress remains with its breathtaking background of the Salt Marshes.  Mr. Pritchard manages Weobley estate including Gower's largest medieval fortress along with Weobley Farm and the famous Salt Marsh Lamb. His fresh Gower produce shop allows you to purchase a taste of Gower.

Adult - £3.00 Family - £8.10* Senior citizens, students and children under 16 - £2.10 Disabled and companion - Am ddim/Free *Admits 2 adults and up to 3 children under 16.  All children under 5 receive free entr

Finally we head back to your return destination passing through the cockle filled land of  Penclawdd and the high rising tides of Loughor Estuary.

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