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Gower Castle Tour

Experience an unforgettable Castle & Historical Tour to Britains first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

We will take you on a magical adventure to Gowers 4 main Castles, A Neolithic Burial Chamber & King Arthur Stone.  While travelling Through Gowers  Picturesque Villages and Quiet Country Lanes, we will show you scenery from the historical side of the Peninsular that you will never forget.

Gower Castle Tour

SKU: HT001
  • 8 hour Full Day Tour 9:30pm - 5:30pm



  • This booking between the customer (you) and Gower Tours constsiutes and agreement that recognises payment from the customer in return for the tour that you have chosen while recognising the following terms and conditions :

    1. For any cancellations received more than 14 days before first tour departure there will be a 25% charge (non-refundable deposit). For a cancellation received less than 14 days but more than 7 days before the first tour departure there will be a 50% charge. For a cancellation received less than 7 days before the tour departure there will be a 100% charge (no refund).

    2. For any 'no shows', where the Customer or any of the Customer's party does not show up for a departure, a 100% charge will apply. Tickets are not transferable to any other tour if you miss your scheduled tour.

    3. Times are approximates and may vary depending on traffic, roadworks or other considerations at time of travel.

    4. Gower Tours will do everything reasonably possible to provide the tour itinerary as planned, however, reserves the right to alter itineraries and change transport type for whatever reason. 'Like for like' will apply to any itinerary changes where possible.

    5. Every passenger must be seated. The total number of passengers who will join the tour regardless of age must be booked and confirmed by Gower Tours. All infants and children under 1.35m must be seated appropriately in a secure car/booster seat. (A maximum of 1 infant is usually accepted per tour). In the event of any booking where a child/infant has not be included in the reservation Gower Tours may not accept the Customer if the tour is fully booked or no appropriate car seat is used or supplied.

    6. Gower Tours will not be laible to refund any of the Customer's party who does not travel.

    7. Every passenger must be able to board a passenger carrying vehicle (coach or minibus) without any assistance from the driver or guide. We are unable to accept anyone who has mobility issues that prevent them from accessing and exiting the tour vehicle.

    Gower Tours reserves the right to refuse passage to any person, at the commencement and during the tour, whose conduct or manner is or likely to cause offence, upset or incovenience to other passengers during the tour.

    8. Gower Tours will not accept or have any liability for any acts or omissions, whether negligent or otherwise, of any supplier or person providing services in connection with any tour unless such a person is employed by or under the direct control of the Company.

    9. Gower Tours reserves the right to cancel any tour at any time at its own discretion in which case the liability to the Customer will be the return of all monies paid.

    10.  All refunds, where applicable, will be processed within 14 days of the initial cancellation notification

    11. The consumption or carry of any illegal drugs (as by UK law) or consumption of alcohol to excess by the Customer will not be tolerated and will result in the possible abandonment from the tour. Gower Tours will have no responsibility for compensation or liability thereafter.

    12. Luggage space is limited to one carry-on bag per person. All luggage and personal items are carried free of charge but at the passenger's own risk. Any passenger who has more than a small carry-on bag (e.g. child 'buggy') must check with Gower Tours at least 3 days before departure to check if additional space is available.

    13. Gower Tours recommends that the Customer arrange suitable insurance cover for all members of the Customer's group for travel, luggage, medical and cancellation cover for all tour dates.

    14. Smoking is not permitted on any SWT vehicle.

    15. Gower Tours does not include admissions to attractions and other venues in the ticket price for the scheduled day tours. All admissions will be payable by the customer at point of entry to the attraction.

    16. Attractions visited on tours may be subject to delays or closure without prior notice to Gower Tours. Every effort will be made to change the itinerary but Gower Tours will not accept compensation requests for third party suppliers changes.

    17. Images (still & movie) and reports (on facebook, twitter and other media) of/about you from the tours may be used in our marketing. Please let us know if you or any member of your party does not wish to be featured.

    18. Force Majeure: Gower Tours does not accept any liability for any loss, inconvenience or damage caused by war, threat of war, riot or civil commotion, terrorist or criminal activity, industrial disputes, natural disasters, fires, sickness, weather conditions, road or traffic conditions, temporary technical, mechanical or electrical breakdown within booked accommodation or transport, or other events beyond the control of Gower Tours.

    19. Jurisdiction: These conditions shall be construed and interpreted in accordance within the Law of England and Wales. The representatives of the respective parties each submit to the jurisdiction of the relevant Courts.

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